I was born on October 20th 1948 was third of the eight children of Michael and Joy Ash. Like my icon in later years, Herman Helmholtz, my father was a medical doctor and a physicist who did original research alongside his medical practice. He was the first doctor to link cigarette smoking to lung cancer and identify the cancer risk of living above Uranium. From my childhood I recall expeditions in Cornwall prospecting for Uranium and a scintillation counter in my father’s consulting rooms in Harley Street blinking away as it measured the radioactivity of rock samples and cigarettes. With my brothers and sisters I left England as my parents exchanged the fashionable West End of London for Huron and Six Nation reservations in Canada. The culture shock of swapping life in the English public school system for living amongst Native Americans had a lasting impact on all of us. There was no let up in our unusual education when we returned to England two and a half years later. I worked with my father, alongside my siblings at the time of the Cuban Crisis to develop Iodine enriched sweets for the protection of children from radioactive fallout. We were the first children on a transatlantic television broadcast via the satellite Telstar. Research into natural family planning, with my father, led a decade later to my receiving a papal gold medal in Rome from Pope Paul VI.  Attending 19 schools before University I was forced to rely largely on my father for my education which launched me into the dual disciplines of Nutrition and Physics. 
I studied physics at Queens University of Belfast and Nutrition in the faculty of John Yudkin at London University. I then completed my post grad studies in physics education at the College of St Mark and St John in Plymouth. I was encouraged to develop my vortex theory by Professor Gareth Owen, Dean of the faculty of Science at Queens University. Whereas I discovered the idea of a subatomic vortex from Yogic philosophy while  at school, I was reintroduced to the idea of an atomic vortex from the work of Lord Kelvin who came from Belfast. Kelvin was introduced to the vortex idea by the German physicist and physician Herman Helmholtz.
I launched my Vortex theory for subatomic matter on January 15th 1975 at the Royal Institution of Great Britain from the same rostrum as Lord Kelvin presented his Vortex theory for the atom a century earlier. I was mentored by Sir George Trevelyan who encouraged me to give talks on my discoveries from the vortex of the links between science and spirituality. With Peter Hewitt, I wrote my first book Science of the Gods, later republished by Gateway Books (1990) as The Vortex: Key to Future Science. I then commenced an international lecture tour starting in Malaysia as a guest of the University of Malaya where I talked on God and the Quantum and delivered my challenge to quantum mechanics at a faculty lecture. Two years later I gave the same lecture at the annual Mensa Society gathering in Cambridge. I presented my scientific approach to spirituality in Australia and New Zealand, South Africa, Canada, the United States of America and throughout Europe. I spoke on radio and television and had a number of books published including The Science of Ascension (Cloverleaf Connections, Canada, 1994), The New Science of the Spirit, (College of Psychic Studies, London, 1995), Activation for Ascension (Kima Global Publishing, Cape Town, 1995) and The New Physics of Consciousness (Kima Books 2007) and The Role of Evil in Human Evolution (Kima Books 2007) and The Vortex Theory (Kima Books 2015)  http://bit.ly/1NDLWpr and Continuous Living in a Living Universe (Kima Books 2015) http://bit.ly/1N1gtyA  In The New Science of the Spirit I predicted the accelerating expansion of the Universe discovered to be true two years later. With physics explained from a single principle and the outcome of a future observation successfully predicted, the Vortex Theory is presented as a sound scientific theory.  
Alongside my physics I maintained a practice as a clinical nutritionist. I started fortifying food with  mineral formulations under my father's direction in the 1960's and established my first Nutrition practice in Cornwall in 1979 which was featured in The Western Morning News and on BBC Nationwide. I went on to teach Dieticians how to treat migraine and food allergies through diet largely based on the principles of Macrobiotics. Between 1998 and 2006 I was associated with USANA Health Sciences and today I have my own nutrition company Ash Nutrition Science Ltd, through which I market range of fortified superfoods.  www.ashsuperfood.com
As well as Physics and Nutrition, I compose and perform songs on the guitar. With my family I was featured on the 1972 Westward TV documentary SUMMER OF THE ASH FAMILY singing songs and typing the vortex theory. My compositions are included in my Sacred Sabais Blessings in which I sing sacred songs to link the frequencies in sacred music to the colour of the sabais to give those who attend my events a profound experience of the spiritual energies I talk about. 
I have been married three times. I am now in relationship with the poet and artist Suzie Thompson. I have nine children and eleven granchildren.
Most recently I contributed to the movie MIND THE MATRIX by Christianne van Wijk which suggests we are in a matrix in which we are controlled and manipulated to test our sovereign right to determine our destiny and challenge our ability to choose between love and fear. Christianne's movie is a wake up call for us all to consider our beliefs, attitudes and priorities.
In the context of my own work and views expressed in MIND THE MATRIX it is worth listening to Dr Eban Alexander speak from his near death experience about the real world beyond the matrix which is available for us all if we choose to live our loves out of love, trust and gratutude. My work and that of every one else reaching out to reality is that reality is all about love. So long as we love Life and one another we have nothing to fear.  
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Physics from ancient Yoga brings Spirit into science. Spirit as Life in space reveals our destiny for continuous living in a living Universe and our attitude toward Life and each other decides if we are to live forever in the light or the dark. Through books, presentations and sung meditations called Sabai Blessings I am dedicated to helping those who wish to live continuously with Life in the Light. I also intend to transform farms into eco-village centres of Light where we can live in harmony with Life and supported by superfood nutrition we can be whole in body, mind and soul.

eBook - Votex Theory: http://bit.ly/1Sg1LXu    Continuous Living: http://bit.ly/1LkaCV0


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